About Us

Keadsworld is a creative fashion business dedicated to providing ladies from all walks of life with vintage and runway style fashion outfits. Our trendy, timeless and eclectic clothing designs make our clients stand out from the crowd and leave an unforgettable impression. In a world of mass-produced boring fashion designs, we offer uniquely fresh outfits fit for every occasion. Our designs are infused with a lot of pizzazz and character to match our clients’ personality and sophistication.

Keadsworld fashion outfits are well complimented by Shèdá handmade beaded bags and accessories. Shèdá is a Keadsworld premium brand devoted to ‘one of a kind’ beaded fashion pieces that are bound to turn heads and start conversations. We are an environmentally responsible business. As such, Shèdá only uses sustainable and eco-friendly beading materials.

Most importantly, our greatest charm at Keadsworld is the absolute focus on customer satisfaction. We are committed to the highest quality, timely responses, timely delivery and the highest levels of customer delight.